20 Type Of Amino Acids That Make Your Body Healthier

Which type of amino acids do you need? Why they are important for your bodies?

You need amino acids not only for beautiful skin and as “anti-aging”, but also for optimum health.

These 3 “unknown” substances are indispensable if you want to keep thick, shiny and strong hair.

I do not know how it is with you, but for most women their hair is sacred.

They regularly go to the hairdresser, use mild shampoos and conditioners and ensure that their hair is always taken care of when they go out.

They have few problems with some extra wrinkles, but when they look in the mirrors in the morning, they are worried about their hair …

In this article, I want to point out 3 important substances that are indispensable for strong hair roots and shiny, thick hair.

So take your time to read it completely.

Many women use masks and lotions ON their hair to slow down the aging process.

But usually, they do not realize one thing …

Our body constantly renews itself from within.

Whereby old cells are broken down and new body cells take their place.

We don’t notice this, but it does happen.

Even the moment you read this sentence, there are thousands of processes in your body.

During these processes, your body needs loads of amino acids to produce strong, strong and healthy hair roots.

Because I don’t know if you know it, but our body consists largely of water, but also 20% of proteins.

To be able to produce proteins, our body needs “building blocks”.

These called the amino acids.

Why your body needs amino acids?

Everyone knows that vitamins and minerals are important for the proper functioning of the body.

But what almost nobody knows is that amino acids are just as important.

They are the building blocks of the human body.

Your body can (among other things) only get strong nails, firm hair roots and tight skin if it has enough of these building blocks.

The explanation for this is simple – our body is constantly renewing itself.

Even at this moment, there are thousands of processes in your body, whereby millions of body cells are being replaced by new cells.

You don’t notice it at all, but your body today is not the same as your body in a few weeks.

When enough amino acids are available, there is no problem at all.

But the human body absorbs less and fewer amino acids from food from the age of 35 and the production in our body also decreases.

That is why it is very important for good health to supplement your body with qualitative amino acids.

3 essential amino acids for thick and healthy hair

Here is a brief overview of the amino acids that are important for thick, shiny hair and strong hair follicles.


Promotes the health of your skin, hair, and nails. It strengthens the hair follicles (the stronger these are, the stronger and healthier your hair).

Methionine contains sulfur and can form strong chains.

Different chains together form a strong network.

This is exactly what happens in the hair and nails.

But, if your body is deficient in methionine, it cannot produce strong hair follicles and your hair will fall out more easily.

If hair loss accompanied by weak, fragile nails, this indicates a lack of amino acids.


Arginine is essential for healthy hair growth because it has a “vasodilator” function.

This improves the circulation of the hair root and stimulates hair growth.


Glutamine formed from glutamic acid and needed for healthy hair because it provides sulfur.

Sulfur is indispensable for the production of strong, shiny hair.

It is the amino acid most naturally produced by the body itself, but the production of glutamine decreases as the body ages.

When you are more physically active, your body needs more glutamine.

20 Type of amino acids and how can they help you

1. Asparagine (acid): Combats fatigue and breaks down toxins

Asparagine has a blood-purifying effect and plays an important role in the breakdown of toxins from the body.

Taking Asparagine after drinking alcohol would speed up the breakdown of alcohol.

Some companies have put an “anti-hangover pill” on the market that contains high concentrations of this substance.

Asparagine is also used in the medical world to combat depression.

2. Threonine: Firmness and elasticity of your skin

Threonine helps to build up tooth enamel and collagen.

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue in human skin.

Thus responsible for the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

In young people, enough collagen produced to keep the skin young, firm and supple.

But from the age of 25, the production of collagen diminishes, causing wrinkles and making the skin softer.

Your bones, tendons, teeth, and cartilage are also made up of collagen for the most part.

So, it is very important to maintain the production of this substance as long as possible.

3. Serine: Healthy skin

You know this substance.

Especially if you are a woman.

It is often used in moisturizing creams to keep the moisture balance in your skin balanced.

But it has another, much more important advantage.

If too much homocysteine is accumulated in your body, this can be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Serine converts this dangerous homocysteine into another, completely harmless substance: cystathionine.

If you have a serine deficiency, homocysteine remains in your body.

Which increases the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

4. Glutamic acid: Muscle recovery and metabolism

Glutamine has several positive effects on your body.

After all, it is one of the most important nitrogen sources and important for healthy muscles.

But glutamic acid is also a very good source of energy.

It can easily convert into glucose by your body, giving you more energy and endurance.

Is also important for digestion and the nervous system. It also plays a major role in the metabolism of sugars and fats

5. Proline: Prevents aging of the connective tissue

An important component of collagen and helps in building bones, skin and blood vessels.

Also, accelerates wound healing and prevents the connective tissue from aging.

This can delay the biological aging process.

6. Glycine: Beautiful skin with fewer wrinkles

The building block of collagen (important for beautiful skin without wrinkles).

Glycine is also involved in detoxifying the liver.

7. Alanine: Important for your muscles

Important for your muscles.

If you need energy, your body can make glucose from alanine itself.

This happens in the liver and the muscles.

People who suffer from low blood sugar levels often find a shortage of alanine.

Too low a blood sugar level causes fatigue, palpitations, cold sweat, and fainting.

8. Valine: Growth and recovery of muscle tissue

Plays a role in the growth and repair of muscle tissue and is necessary for the proper functioning of your nervous system.

Can also help to overcome tobacco and alcohol addictions.

Valine also helps to lose weight: it has a hunger-inhibiting effect.

9. Cysteine: Detoxifying effect and provides antioxidants

Has a detoxifying effect and contains many antioxidants.

It reduces the harmful influence of free radicals on our body and removes heavy metals from your body.

Additionally, it protects your liver against damage from alcohol and toxins in cigarette smoke.

Cysteine protects your body.

It is then used to treat some complaints (hay fever, psoriasis, and hair loss. But also asthma, arthritis, infections, and wounds)

10. Methionine: Strong nails and shiny hair

Promotes the health of your skin, hair, and nails.

It strengthens the hair follicles (the stronger these are, the stronger and healthier your hair)

11. Isoleucine: Ensures energy production in your muscles

Is necessary for the growth and build-up of your muscles and ensures the energy production in your muscles.

12. Leucine: Muscle tissue

Important for the growth and recovery of muscle tissue and the recovery of wounds and broken bones.

13. Tyrosine: Reduced sex drive and being overweight

The important raw material for the production of thyroid, adrenal, and brain hormones.

It increases the resistance.

It is administered with reduced sex drive and overweight.

14. Phenylalanine: Prevents binge eating

Used in the treatment of overweight.

It responsible for the feeling of satiety and prevents binge eating.

15. Lysine: Improves the ability to concentrate

Improves the ability to concentrate, stimulates bone tissue growth and supports the immune system.

16. Histidine: Development of body tissues

Necessary for the recovery and development of body tissues.

Therefore an important nutrient for children.

Plus, it is essential for good resistance.

17. Tryptophan: Healthy sleep

Tryptophan used to calm down or to fall asleep naturally.

It is, after all, a necessary substance for the production of serotonin.

Together with serotonin, it ensures a healthy sleep.

Tryptophan is also a good aid for slimming.

It satisfies your hunger and is also called the “feel good” substance which provides a cheerful feeling.

18. Arginine: Stimulates muscle mass and reduces fats absorption

Bodybuilders take arginine to stimulate the development of muscle mass and to reduce the absorption of fats.

It is important for reducing body fat.

Arginine, together with methionine, handles the production of creatine.

Creatine gives energy to the cells and thereby supports the build-up of connective tissue and cell renewal.

19. Ornithine: Improves combustion and fat breakdown

Stimulates the production of growth hormones and improves liver function.

It can help to lose weight.

After all, growth hormone improves combustion and reduces fat breakdown.

20. Carnitine: “Natural fat burner”

A natural fat burner and very important if you want to lose body fat.

It moves your fat cells to the “oven”.

Without carnitine, no transport to move your fat cells.

Which make it almost impossible for your body to lose body fat.


Amino acids are 100% natural and specific to the body.

Amino acids occur naturally in the human body.

In “normal” circumstances your body has enough amino acids and everything in the body goes well.

It is important to know that amino acids are already present in your body, just like vitamins and minerals.

Everyone knows that during the winter you need to take extra vitamin C against colds.

But hardly anyone attaches the same importance to healthy stocks of amino acids.

And yet supplementing deficits is very important if you want the aging process to run as optimally as possible.

Amino acids are the building blocks of EVERYTHING in your body such as:

  • Bones and tendons
  • Blood vessels and organs
  • Hormones and enzymes

And therefore also your hair, nails, and skin.

Without enough building blocks, it’s impossible for your bodies to produce strong nails, strong hair roots, and tight skin.

Sound logical, right?

I know it might be a strange comparison, but imagine a construction worker having to brick a wall…

…with old, porous demolition bricks in different sizes.

Can you see that wall in front of you? Would you like such a wall inside your house?

The same thing happens in your body.

It needs high-quality building blocks to be able to produce tight skin, strong nails, and firm hair roots.

The better the “building materials” used, the better the result.

Your body absorbs fewer and fewer amino acids and starts to work more and more slowly from the age of 35.

So, it is important to supplement your body with a qualitative amino acid complex.

You can still eat as many healthy foods as you want, but if our body does not have enough qualitative building blocks, it is impossible to deliver a good result. Click here if you want to supplement your stock of “building blocks”.

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