The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review [Updated] – With Infographic

In this review, you’ll be taking a look at the lost book of herbal remedies.

Have you ever thought about what you could do if a major crisis happened today?

A program that goes over all medical plants and lost cures of North America.

Let me break this down for you…

Product Name: The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

Author: Claude Davis & Dr. Nicole Apelian

Price: $37

Where To Buy:

About The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies

Well, one thing you need to know is that during disasters, most people die due to avoidable illnesses.

That’s because the health care system crumbles when demand builds up fast.

So, what’s the solution?

What if there’s something you could do to provide your family with an alternative source of remedies?

Here’s what I mean…

The Lost Book of Remedies is a program worth taking a closer look at.

This book contains hundreds of medicinal plants.

It designed to help you achieve complete medical self-sufficiency during the darkest times.

Now, here’s the interesting part…

It contains some of the most effective and time-tested cures…

…that helped our forefathers survive against all odds.

Discover the common backyard weeds that will replace every drug in your medicine cabinet

Overview of The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies

Let me elaborate…

The lost book of remedies is the coolest thing you’ll ever come across today.

It’s an online eBook that takes you on a blast to the past.

While chemicals and toxins didn’t absorb every aspect of your lives.

Today, it’s hard to come across daily used products that don’t have any type of dangerous chemical, toxin, preservative or dye added to it.

Despite a ton of illnesses, both physical and mental, being an all-time high…

…most of us rarely make the connection.

Fortunately, it seems like you are one of the few who has.

Since you’re here…

…and heading towards discovering the biggest hidden gems of all natural remedies.

What is The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies?

It is is an eBook that has almost 300 pages worth of ingredients.

You can find these ingredients in your very own backyard…

…by the ocean, in the desert, in wetlands, across the world.

You name it.

It contains different natural remedies that manage various illnesses.

If it’s a plant, herb, tree, shrub or something from nature that holds a ton of healing properties…

…chances are you can find it in this book.

The book covers remedies for almost any kinds of diseases including…

  • Chronic pain
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Brain diseases

With this book, you can save money on healthcare and also secure your peace of mind for the next couple of decades.

This guide provides you with an alternative for everything in your medicine cabinet.

So that you never have to owe your life to those expensive pills ever again.

But, how?

When medical systems collapse, the government will not come rushing to your aid.

There will be millions of people in the queue already.

According to the author, self-sufficiency has been diminishing gradually with each generation.

And the best part is…

The author seeks to equip you with the kind of skills our forefathers used to survive during a crisis.

The reason is that knowledge might soon be lost forever.

Want to know the only tree every prepper should grow in his own backyard? Grab this ultimate guide now!

About The Author

Claude Davis

The author of The Lost Book of Remedies is Claude Davis.

He is a survival expert with decades of experience.

He runs a famous survival website,

Other than that, Claude has written several survival guides like The Lost Ways 1 and 2.

Still, it would not be fair to give all the credits to Claude alone.


The one who did most of the work was his grandfather.

Claude only edited his grandfather’s notebook that contained powerful remedies after he died.

So, nobody could take advantage of it.

For instance, he doesn’t use his grandfather’s drawings.

Instead, he added more color pictures of all the plants for ease of identification.

On top of that, he replaced the handwriting before publishing the book.

Let me walk you through this.

Who is Dr. Nicole Apelian?

Who is Dr. Nicole Apelian?

She’s a world-recognized authority on homeopathic medicine. Dr. Nicole Apelian is the author of several books including The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

In her newest book, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, she shares “secrets” about herbal remedies that have been passed down from generations of traditional herbalists and physicians. In this discussion, I will introduce you to the seven herbal remedies shared in this bestselling book.

The seven natural remedies Dr. Nicole Apelian discusses in her new book are all based on plants with medicinal properties and used as herbal medicines throughout history.

By accessing the lost book of remedies, you will not only learn how to use herbal plants to help your body and mind, but also how to prepare remedies using these same plants.

In addition to being a powerful resource for healing today, The Lost Book of Remedies gives modern readers an ancient look at how herbal plants have been used in cultures all over the world for centuries.

You can find out more about Dr. Nicole Apelian at

She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Natural Products Association, an unpaid volunteer with the American Herbalist Association, and a contributing writer for numerous health and natural health magazines. 

What Inside The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies?

Below is the infographic of The Lost Book of Remedies.

This is just a glimpse of what you can find inside the book.

With so many healing plants in this guide…

Identifying the right one you need so you don’t end up using a lookalike can be daunting.

Especially if you have zero knowledge about the plant.

As such, you will discover various pictures for each plant inside this book.

How To Make Your Remedies

Nonetheless, you aren’t just provided a list of nature’s ingredients and sent on your way.

It also covers 4 steps for you to make the remedies from the start.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

There’s more…

He also teaches you how to heal a wide range of illnesses and health concerns.

Plus the recipes needed to do that.

Here are the 4 steps:

  • How to identify different plants
  • How to extract plants to maximize the benefits
  • How to grow your remedies in your backyard
  • How to harvest your plants

You’ll want to have it with you on every road trip, every vacation, every hike and every time you leave your house.

The best part is, you can!

Now, this is important.

This eBook walks you through every step there is to harness the healing powers of the earth.

In addition to that, it includes the small things to look out for to ensure you get the right plant.

As if that’s not enough, Claude has grouped them by location and type for anyone to pinpoint what they need.

What’s more?

Contain Different Type of Plants

Each chapter of the book addresses different types of plants.

Where to find them…

And how to turn them into powerful cures.

For instance…

There is a chapter that only discusses…

Backyard Weeds including a popular Driveway Weed, Marshmallow plant, and Senega.

The driveway weed contains great anti-inflammatory properties.

And used to manage wounds, cuts, and arthritis.

The marshmallow weed, on the other hand…has antiviral properties.

Common Wild Edible & Powerful Remedies

In another part of the book…

You will discover common wild edibles and powerful remedies that only grow in forests.

You will also learn how to identify them in case you ever have to go out foraging.

This part includes plants for…

  • Controlling common colds
  • Asthma attack
  • Lung infections
  • Hypertension.

And on top of that…

You will learn how to identify wild remedies and edibles that grow in the prairie and all over America.

Here, you will find remedies for fever, bleeding, severe skin infections, and wounds.

Use Cattails For Foot And Nail Fungus

But that’s not all…

You will discover how to turn cattails into flour.

And use its jelly-like substances as an anesthetic or to manage foot and nail fungus.

Medicinal and Edible Trees in America

Moving on…

In another part of the guide…

It includes medicinal and edible trees commonly found in North America.

These include an ultimate survival tree which is Sap.

Sap used as a medicine.

It’s leaves as food.

While its flowers make great sleeping pills.

How to Use Household Items for Remedies

And you know what else?

Claude also shows you how to use household items for remedies.

For example…

Food spices to stop bleeding and clear away both bacterial and fungus infections.

Are There Any Bonuses?

If you decide to add the Lost Book of Remedies to your list of many survival guides, you will receive two bonuses.

Each is worth $29, but you will get them for free from the member’s area.

Below are the bonuses you’ll receive once you buy the Lost Book of Remedies

Bonus #1: An Awesome 80 Square-Feet SHTF Medicinal Garden

The first bonus guide is all about…

Growing medicinal plants on an 80-square feet garden in your backyard.

In this report…

Claude teaches you what and how to plant…

To ensure you have all the ingredients needed to prepare the remedies.

Bonus #2: Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook

This is a guide to survival medicine…

…for when help is not on the way.

It includes over 20 diseases and common infections during a crisis…

…as well as how to diagnose and treat them.

These diseases account for over 95% of most medical fatalities.


Here are the pros if you buy the Lost Book of Remedies:

You are back up with a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the overall results.

The book is available in both physical and digital versions for ease and fast access.

All plants are 100% natural. So, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted side effects.

Cheaper if compared to relying on modern drugs and treatments.

Saves you from having to rely on expensive and toxic modern medicine for the rest of your life.

The remedies are easy to prepare even for those who don’t know anything about plants.


However, I’ll be lying if I told you this guide is perfect.

And don’t have any lack at all.

So, what’s the catch?

Below are 3 cons that you might face after buying this book.

You need to read the book to learn plant and techniques for this product to be useful.

It demands a lot of patience and commitment for you to master how to prepare all the remedies.

The physical product includes extra charges for shipping and handling.

Verdict: Is The Lost Book Of Remedies Worth Purchasing?

Overall, The Lost Book of Remedies is one of the best guides out there for those looking to be self-sufficient.

It is quite comprehensive since it covers almost every remedy for every disease…

…or infection you can think of.

As such, we highly recommend you give it a try.

So, it’s important to take action if you decide to get this book.

Go through it at your own pace and discover all the miraculous plants and remedies found within.

But with that being said, if you want to try out and get more information on The Lost Book of Remedies, you can get immediate access from home within a moment notice…

So, how to get this powerful guide?

Click Here to get The Lost Book of Remedies complete guide + 2 Special Bonuses


35 thoughts on “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review [Updated] – With Infographic

  • Wow, I have to admit, this book really does look very interesting. Nowadays we rely so much on ready made prescription and/or non-prescription drugs for all of our medical conditions, aches and pains and even our mood swings. What would our forefathers think if they could see all the synthetic, expensive, and potentially dangerous drugs on the market today?!

    I always try to do things the natural way. I guess the main thing I’d be concerned about is being able to identify the right plants because some plants are poisonous, and many look very much alike. Is the identification guide pretty much fool-proof? I was also wondering if I could get the book in hardback, as I would prefer that to an Ebook but you answered that question. Thanks so much for introducing us to this amazing “Lost Book of Remedies.”


    • First of all, thank for your honest feedback on my review.

      The Lost Book of Remedies is one of a kind. You can’t get it from normal bookstores.

      The best thing about this book is it teaches you how to become a survival when it most needed.

      Back to your question, you can get this guide both in soft and hardcopy where it will be ship to your address.

      Best of Luck,

  • Hi, I have read your article very carefully . I am very excited to read your article because I have learn many important tips about the lost book of remedies. I like this books very much . I am agree with you that The Lost Book of Remedies is one of the best guides for our self-sufficient during the darkest times and provide our family with an alternative source of remedies. The book is very well written, fantastic colored illustration and easy to read.This book is amazing.This book contains hundreds of medicinal plants and the most effective and time-tested cures. Thank you for writing this article.   

  • I am one believer that herbs and plants provide the most medicinal value. Our forefathers and ancestors rarely got all this new age diseases and I am certain it was because of these herbs.

    I am also looking to plant these remedies, with the belief that the state will see it necessary to invest in such remedies as well. I am still fascinated by the experiment of pouring salt into the cabbage. Like, will it really produce microbes that will help my digestive system? It is just mind boggling!

    Will sure order this book.

    • I do believe herbs and plants are very important since they are natural and you can use it for many things.

      When you pouring salt into the cabbage, it does generate microbes that give the best shield for your digestive system.

      This help avoids diarrhea and constipation.

  • I found this review extremely interesting.  This really takes you back to a time where modern medicine wasn’t available.  Knowing some of the plants and remedies that you can make really would be such a cool skill to have. This book seems to cover everything from what to eat, what to use to heal certain things.  It really is very cool. The review seemed to cover absolutely everything.

    Excellent review and great job. 

    • Thanks for your feedback, Coralie. I’m glad you enjoy it.

      This book also covers step by step how you can turn a plant into useful remedies.

      The best part is you can get the book in softcopy which is a PDF file and also hardcopy which is the real book and it will be shipped to your address once you place an order.



  • The book “The Lost Book Of Remedies” by Claude Davis sounds like a must-have resource for every home to me. Whether you live in the city, in the country, by the sea, or on a mountain, there are lots of tips that can help you use the resources that you have around you for natural remedies.

    This is a good buy even if you are not a prepper, as these days there is too much of a push on pharmaceuticals being prescribed for everything. It is a money thing, a profit thing, and not necessarily a good thing in my opinion. The ways of our forefathers have been lost in all this “advancement.” 

    As I read through your detailed review, I could not help but think back to my early days growing up in Northern Minnesota. There the plants and herbs we found around us were used by my grandparents and parents to treat a lot of the maladies that we went through as kids.

    There was not so much pill-popping going on in those days, you took what was available around you to treat the family, and for the most part, this worked well. If there was something so serious that a doctor had to be called, then generally it was a life-threatening event.

    I definitely think your listed pros for the book outweigh the cons, and I am going to order this. I may get a copy for each of my daughters too, as they live in Germany, and there is the same thing going on there. The old natural healing treatments are being lost or forgotten. Thanks for the good catch and review of this book, I am sure it will help lots of people.

    • Hi Dave

      Thank you so much for your honest comment. The Lost Book of Remedies is definitely a must-have book for everyone since it teaches you how to survive in the darkest time.

      Most of the plants used in the book are the one that we can easily get. And that’s why some of the plants are actually grown in your backyard.

      If you want to buy this book, I suggest getting a hardcopy as well since it will be more interesting and you can pass it on to other people.



  • I am very interested in this book because I am a self-taught herbalist.
    I would love to grow my own garden and be able to identify these plants in the wild as well as learn to use them more effectively.

    Everything we nee dot be healthy can be provided by the earth, and not enough people understand that the side effects from the medications they take to be healthy are creating more issues so they take more pills… It’s a vicious circle.

    My kids have grown up with me treating them with home remedies. Hen they got sick, I went to my kitchen, not the pharmacy. Even though they are grown, they still call my treatments “Mommy Magic” and call me before going to a doctor.
    I know there are some things I am not knowledgeable enough to treat, but with this book, I may be able to close that gap.

    Thank you so much for the review. I am bookmarking the page so I can come back and buy the book.

    Take care,

    Gwendolyn J

    • Hi Gwendolyn 

      This book is the right one for you then. There are more than 100 cures and therapies for different diseases inside the book.

      And the best thing is, no side effect!

  • I run an organic supplement website of my own and I am always interested in learning of new natural remedies to common symptoms. I think I will look into getting this book to find out more about items that I can promote to help people. What are the most noteworthy natural remedies you have found?

    • Hey Jon

      There are 3 most powerful remedies in this book. These are common plants that grow in your own backyard.

      Some of these plants are:

      1. The plant that can replace your antibiotic pills
      2. A common weed that can dull your pain like morphine
      3. The “tourniquet” plants that will stop your bleeding in minutes

  • Thank you for your review on the lost book of remedies. I am from Thailand, we have a lot of herbs and spices and we use them as our medicine as well. I never like modern medicine, the small fine print of the side effects scare me. Why don’t we use nature to cure us? This book will worth every penny, it is good to be prepared and will help you in case of emergency. You mentioned about physical product, do you mean the herbs itself or the tools to make the medicine?

    • The physical product provided is the book itself. You will get the real book so you can use it even when there is no electricity. No one knows what will happen, so better be prepared.



  • Hi Samm,

    This article is really interesting… I don’t usually think of alternative methods as an option. However, you make a good point – if society were to collapse, there wouldn’t be any healthcare system to take care of us!

    Having knowledge of at home/natural remedies would be very useful in the event were something to happen to society’s framework.



  • This book is quite interesting, however this day and age I’m sure it’s hard to come by many of the plants that is mentioned in this book. I’d be very interested in going to a Holistic Doctor that uses the remedies in this book. Patience is something I don’t have, so taking the time to learn the techniques isn’t something I have the opportunity to do…at least not at this stage in life.

    I strongly believe in alternative medicine. I have to literally be stuck on a plane or in a car for hours next to a sick person before I ever get sick because I take Chinese herbs that help with the immune system. I agree that being self sufficient on medical care is probably our best bet, but it would be nice if Western doctors would utilize some of the techniques from this book instead of always turning to man made prescriptions for everything.

    • Thanks for your opinion.

      However, most of the plants teach in the book was the easiest one you can find. Some of it even grow on the street or side road.

      But, as you said not everyone have the time to learn and do all this thing. Having that said, I think it will be good just to have the book as collection. So, you can use it when you really need it.



  • Wow! I didn’t know that kind of book existed. I know that you can find a lot of plants, herbs, and trees with healing properties, and I know they are better than regular pills and medicine, however, people prefer regular methods as they are already established. I will take a look at the book. 

    I like the way you explain the benefits of getting the book and advantages of the plans, herbs, trees in a difficult situation. 

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi Andres

      What you said is true. Many people nowadays prefer the available methods that we already have.

      That is why if everything collapse, they will need something like this book to help them be a survivor and self-sufficient during the darkest time.

  • The use of natural home remedies to treat any kinds of illnesses is safe and healthy. Fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices have been used as the earliest form of medicines.

    Modern medicines are available almost for any illness but we know that they have so many side effects that’s why natural remedies are still going back to the old style of treating illnesses.

    Can anybody get these natural remedies ingredients anywhere in the world?

    Thanks for sharing The Lost Book of Remedies with us.  Much appreciated.

  • Hello Samm,

    This is a outstanding review about “THE LOST BOOK OF REMEDIES”. Today’s world we take medicine that’s are make by chemical. But natural medicine is more effective. Because this medicine is more effective from today medicine. You find out a important topic and create a post about it. We know that medicine is a part of our life and that medicine if we get from nature it’s so cool. Really it’s a mind blowing review. I personally like this book because this book have contain important information about nature. This book give me knowledge and some tips about natural medicine.

    Thank you Samm for write a wonderful and helpful review.     

    • No worries Mate. This time-tested methods used by our grandparents need to be pass on so it won’t lost in time. 



  • This sounds very similar to a book that my grandparents used that contained a bunch of home remedies.  My grandfather swears that one of the concoctions cured his arthritis!

    I have a question on the viability of having an e-book in the midst of a crisis or meltdown of the situation.  It would be difficult to access an e-book if there is no power, so a hard copy would be necessary.  Other than that, it sounds like a real treasure trove of material that anyone needs to maintain their self-sufficiency.



    • Thank you Ellen. You can get The lost book of remedies in both soft-copy and hard-copy with the same price. So, there will be no problem if someone has issue to access their e-book.

  • Hi Samm,

    What a wonderful book! I love anything that teaches us to use organic products to help cure ailments. Every man-made drug today has a list of side effects, that are sometimes worse than the medical issue we suffer from. I think the best way to acquire these remedies, is to grow them ourselves. It is the only way to be certain they are free of any pesticide residues. Don’t you agree that weeds have a high probability of contaminated soil from weed killers being used over the years? 

    I am glad you brought The lost Book of  Remedies to my attention! I need a guide with pictures to help me avoid the poisonous plants, and  identify the correct plants. Thank you , Samm!


    • I’m glad you enjoy this Chas. 

      This book does come with colorful pictures so you will be able to identify the correct plants.

  • Thank you for your review.  I found it terrible that ’during disasters, most people die due to avoidable illnesses.’ As this book offers alternative source of remedies for us, it might be very useful. I’m always interested in natural ways of curing as in general we consume so many toxins that our body cannot tolerate them. The money saving effect is also of key importance, of course. I’ve been living in a large city since my birth, so it might be also important to identify different plants. Do you think that by reading this book – as a useful guide – one can differentiate among plants and also learn how to use them for medical purposes?

    • Hi Agnes

      That is the purpose of this guide. Once you have read and understand the book, you will be able to identify plants that you can use as remedies.

  • Wow! What a wealth of information just in this review alone. If that’s a taster of what’s in the book, then it’s a definite must have for anyone’s bookshelf if they’re interested in alternative medicine. Perhaps it should be called ‘real’ or ‘original’ medicine instead because that’s what it is. I’ve had osteo-arthritis in my knee for almost 20 years now and I wish I’d known about ‘driveway weeds’ such the marsh-mallow plant earlier. Thanks for this review, Samm, it’s a real eye opener!

    • Hi Richard

      It’s still not too late. This might not seem important now, but it will be very handy when we have nothing left.

  • I am glad you brought The lost Book of Remedies to my attention! I need a guide with pictures to help me avoid the poisonous plants, and identify the correct plants. Thank you , Samm!

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