Old Remedies For Cough – Relieve Your Child’s Laryngitis

Old remedies for cough are often overlooked, and the treatments they contain can actually be harmful to your child. In fact, many of them can even cause more problems than the simple cold or flu. One such treatment is neti pot or laryngitis. Parents often believe that this is a remedy for sore throat, when it is anything but that.


Nucer or nitrous oxide can actually make your child very sick with coughs and sore throats. If your child has recurring bouts of coughing with pink socks or if their tonsils appear to be inflamed, then you may have an issue with a child’s respiratory system. This is especially true if your child has a weak immune system. You can get the same relief by giving them some good old fashioned cough drops. Unfortunately, using neti pot as a cough syrup will not be as effective as giving your child regular doses of Vitamin C.


Old remedies for cough are also made with strong ingredients. The most common one that you may see being offered on commercials or in stores are those made with onion syrup. There is no evidence that onion syrup works as well as other over the counter remedies for dry cough. It may be irritating your child’s throat, but there is no evidence it will be anything other than temporary. You should look for another cure, instead.


Onions can also cause nausea, and it is true that onion syrup can bring about some relief from cough. However, the effects of nausea on your child are much more than temporary. If your child is already nauseous, then adding onion syrup to the problem can be very dangerous. Your child may become extremely ill with severe vomiting, dehydration, and respiratory failure. You definitely do not want to take any risks with your young one’s health.


Pink sock (mycoplasma rubra) and neti pot (cyanuric podophyllum) are other old remedies for cough that you will come across in your search for a natural cure for laryngitis. Pink sock is more commonly known to treat cold symptoms. However, it is not known to cure laryngitis. It can actually make the condition worse!


Neti pot has been used as an ancient treatment for various respiratory conditions, but it is now mostly recognized for its soothing effect. This herbal mixture can soothe inflammation and improve the flow of mucus. When you have excessive mucus flow, the lining of the respiratory tract gets damaged, causing sore throat, congestion, and even chronic sinusitis. Adding neti pot to your current diet can help alleviate your child’s chronic laryngitis.


Dry cough is also caused by mucous build-up, and it can also be helped by neti pot. A mixture of equal parts of warm water and lemon juice works wonders for a cough that is caused by phlegm. The acidity of the lemon juice counteracts the effects of the chemicals and enzymes in cough syrup, relieving the inflammation and the pain of the inflammation. This can also prevent the onset of chronic coughing. It may seem like old wives’ tales, but this has worked for many parents.


Old remedies for cough are easy to find and inexpensive. They can be incorporated into any family’s lifestyle, because they are safe and inexpensive. Natural remedies are the best choice for your child, because the side effects and the long term effect of conventional medications are just not worth it. Natural medicines will offer your child permanent relief without the possibility of nasty side effects. With old age comes an increased immunity towards illness, but you don’t have to let old age get the best of you!

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