How to Get Rid of a Cough In Five Minutes

We all know coughing can be really irritating and even dangerous. But we also know that coughing can’t really kill you or cause any harm to you. And we also know that getting a cough isn’t really that dangerous either. So, why do people keep worrying about how to get rid of a cough in 5 minutes? Here are some reasons:


They want to get rid of their cough in as fast a way as possible. The faster you get rid of your cough, the better. They think that if they don’t get their cough quickly, it might be a symptom of something more serious. And even if they have a cough that seems to be lessening, they still want to find out how to get rid of it. That’s fine. And if it’s not a more serious problem, you can still try these tips to make sure your cough is gone for good:


Use an Air Purifier: Air purifiers can help you if you have a cough that won’t go away. Just put one in your bedroom or wherever you tend to sleep at night and it will clean the air in your room. If you are going on vacation, or somewhere where the air quality is low, you may want to consider getting an air purifier too. It’s not much that expensive and can really help.


Use a Face Moisturizer: A cold or irritated throat can make it worse. If you are experiencing a particularly severe case, you may wish to apply a throatwash, like an over-the-counter one. There are many brands available. However, over-the-counter ones aren’t always as effective as prescription medicines. So, if you’re in doubt, see your doctor first.


Try Using Cough Suppositories: These are made from a combination of medicine and saline. They are inserted into the rectum. The drug goes through the lining of the stomach to reach the duodenum where it melts into the large intestine. When inserted into the upper intestine, they function just like a regular stool. They are easy to take, are cheap and very effective in relieving a sore throat, especially when accompanied by some pain relievers.


Use Icepacks: Another way to relieve a sore throat without resorting to prescriptions is to use ice packs. All you need to do is apply the icepack to your aching chest or abdomen for about twenty minutes. The cold will reduce inflammation and help relax the muscles. The swelling may go down as well, which will relieve your cough. If you don’t like the taste of ice, you can dip a towel into a container of lemon juice and place it on the chest or abdomen instead.


Drink Peppermint tea or Peppermint Vines: This is another way to get instant relief for coughs. Combine two teaspoonfuls of peppermint and water and drink this tea throughout the day. The effect may vary depending on how congested your sinuses are. You can also buy peppermint flavored gels, cough drops, cough syrup and throat lozenges.


Singing songs that are loud and cheery can also be helpful. Singing songs that are meant to cheer someone up or to get rid of a bad feeling can soothe your aching chest and throat. Another natural remedy for coughs is to gargle with saltwater or herbal tea solutions. Saltwater garglings help to wash out the mucus in the back of the throat, thus preventing excess mucus from accumulating and causing a sore throat.


Use Ice as a Cure for Coughs: An ice cube placed directly onto your chest can effectively treat and cure your aching chest and throat. Press the ice into your neck and hold it there for about five to ten minutes. Then you can either remove the ice, or you can repeat this process as many times as necessary. Repeat this procedure until the pain is relieved or the cough has gone away completely.


Use an Ephedra: Ephedra is a drug that is prescribed by doctors to people who suffer from coughing fits because of the fact that it helps to reduce coughing activity and to tighten the airways. The drug is not very popular because of its ill effects however; it does work and is a highly effective cure for a cough. To use the drug, take a small pinch of ephedra and inhale it slowly through the nose. Hold the airways open with your hand and breathe out gradually after which you can exhale on your stomach. It is advisable that you take this remedy about an hour before the onset of a cough or cold as a precautionary measure.


Drink Tea or Coffee as a Cure for How to get Rid of a cough in 5 minutes: Studies have shown that coffee or tea can help in reducing coughs especially when taken during an acute attack. However, they are not advised as a chronic cure. One of the reasons is that coffee or tea contains caffeine, a substance that has the ability to increase the rate of coughing. Coughs caused by allergies may also be helped with these drinks. Drinking tea or coffee is much like breathing in and out. It relaxes your muscles that are usually tightened during an attack of coughing.

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