Old Remedies For Cough – Relieve Your Child’s Laryngitis

Old remedies for cough are often overlooked, and the treatments they contain can actually be harmful to your child. In fact, many of them can even cause more problems than the simple cold or flu. One such treatment is neti pot or laryngitis. Parents often believe that this is a remedy for sore throat, when […]

Ancient Remedies Still Used Today

Ancient remedies still use herbs and other natural ingredients to help with allergic reactions. Many of these allergy medications used by physicians and homeopaths are still being used today. Natural allergy medications are not only less expensive than prescription medications, they are often less dangerous. One of the herbs that has been studied extensively is […]

Lost Remedies From Our Forefathers

Did you know that we have many remedies from our great grandparents that still work for healing today? It’s true. Our Grandpa was right about herbs. There are a few herbs that were passed down from generation to generation and they are perfect for remedies today. Here is what you need to know about these […]

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